Pressure Cleaning Contractors Townsville

Areas We Service Are Ingham, Airlie Beach, Bowen, Tully, Whitsunday Resorts

  Theres not much we can`t pressure clean and restore our cleaning services have been established in townsville for many years, our customers range from commercial, industrial, government facilities, property managers and home owners.

We have the latest high pressure water cleaning equipment ensuring a very cost effective pressure cleaning solution for all situations within all industries.

Our specialty is to rejuvenate areas such as car parks, concrete slabs, patios, rendered surfaces etc. in the most cost effective manner.

Especially during the wet season it does not take long for concrete driveways and car parks to become slippery with mould, which makes your place looking not at its best, but is also a safety hazard as slippery surfaces lead to falls and injuries.


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  • <h3>   Tyre Marks  </h3> <br />  Tyre Mark Damage On Concrete In Townsville
  • <h3>   Tyre Mark Removal </h3> <br />  Tyre Marks Removed From Parking Bay Areas
  • <h3>   Exterior Building Cleaning </h3> <br />  Walls & Windows
  • <h3>   Graffiti Tag </h3> <br />   Building in Townsville
  • <h3>   Graffiti Removal Townsville </h3> <br />  Environment Friendly Cleaning Products
  • <h3>   Graffiti Removed </h3> <br />  Using High Pressure Water To Remove
  • <h3>   Oates Carpark </h3> <br />  Before Cleaning Parking Area
  • <h3>   Carpark Concrete Cleaning </h3> <br />  Car Parking Area Cleaning
  • <h3>   Footpath Pavers </h3> <br />  Pavers Heavy Affected With Gum
  • <h3>   Footpath Pavement Cleaning </h3> <br />  Remove Dirt & Gum From Pavers Townsville
  • Concrete Cleaning Building_eaves_before
  • Driveway Cleaning 
  • Roof Cleaning Restoration ( Tile & Metal Rooves)
  • Exterior Building Cleaning & House Pressure Washing
  • Window Cleaning
  • Sports Surface Cleaning
  • Tennis Court Cleaning
  • Paver Cleaning, Pathways
  • Common Areas
  • Brick Cleaning
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Timber & Metal Cleaning
  • Driveway Sealing
  • Builders Final Site CleaningBuilding_eaves_after
  • Flood Damage Cleaning
  • Carpark Cleaning Tyre Marks Removed
  • Signage Cleaning
  • Fire & Smoke Damge Cleaning
  • Mould Removal
  • Chewing Gum Cleaning
  • Degreasing Services
  • Truck Washing
  • Plant Machinery water blasting onsite